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by | Feb 14, 2019 | Meditation

I know we’ve all heard about meditation and how we need to meditate, so I promise I will be quick with this post and share with you one of the ways I began meditating.  

Most people know it’s important to meditate, but how many of us really take the time to do it?  I know I didn’t until about 2014 when I got a smartphone. I intuitively knew as I held this awesome contraption in my hands, that it would be a source of great busy-ness and distraction and that if I want to stay clear and grounded, meditation had to be a part of my daily life.

Back then, sometimes I would meditate when I practiced yoga because meditation is kind of built into many of the movements, but I wasn’t always doing yoga in this way consistently.  I know there are many ways to meditation and every person that meditates has their own way of meditating and or a firm belief that there’s only one way to meditate that truly works, but let me tell what worked for me in the beginning, and a change I noticed right away.

For 20ish minutes in the morning and 10ish minutes at night, I got in a comfortable sitting position, closed my eyes, deepened my breath and let myself just be.  My mind liked to really “go, go, and go” back then so at the beginning of my meditation, I lovingly said to myself, “Mind, thank you for all you do for me. Right now, you have permission to stop and to just be.”  And I  would just sit and breathe.  When I did this, I almost always found my mind wandering off into different channels of thought, but when that happened, I would gently bring my attention back to my breathing and just being still.  I had a free meditation app that had a timer to let me know when I’m all done, and so when the soft bell rings, I gently opened my eyes and started doing my next “to-do” when I felt ready.

There is a scripture in Psalms that reads, “Be still, and know that I am God”.  When I take time to meditate, I reconnect with God and with the divinity within. Meditation connects us with the highest powers of the Universe, with whatever you believe those powers to me. When I began to meditate as a practice, I began to feel a deep sense of knowing and unconditional, ever-flowing love for me and all beings as well as a deep sense of connection with everything that exists through that love. When I felt that on a deep level, I felt like I could do anything (which is really helpful in the morning) and I felt at peace (which is REALLY helpful before going to sleep).  

That’s just one of the positive changes I saw take place in my life since practicing consistent meditation. There are many more powerful benefits that research has shown and that millions have experienced. We can touch on those another time. 

Do you meditate?  What are some of your tips to improve meditation practice?  What changes have you noticed in your life since practicing meditation?

I’d love to hear and connect with you so let me know. 🙂



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