Affirmations: 5 Ways to allow them to work for you

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Affirmations

Oh, affirmations. Do they really work? The short answer is yes and no. 

Affirmations are positive statements meant to help you change your mindset, and thus change your life. For example, “I am worthy and deserving of unconditional love.” is an affirmation affirming your worth because you exist. As you can imagine, truly believing this statement facilitates one’s ability to always love themselves and thus attract people that love him/her too.

I’m sure you or a friend you know has used affirmations before and had a hard time with them. Either because you felt they were unrealistic, or you were saying them over and over and nothing was happening. Or you truly felt like you gave them a chance, meditated and prayed on them, were open to new possibilities about what the positive affirmation could bring. But they still didn’t work. Sucks, doesn’t it?

I was in those shoes too. Early on in my work as an energy healer, I thought affirmations were the best. Oh, I can just choose an affirmation like “I am abundant.” and I’ll start making more money? Sweet!!! Oh, I can help my clients solve all their issues by just giving them some specific affirmations that would fix all their problems? AWESOME!!!

Rookie energy healer thinking I tell you. There is truth and power in the use of affirmations, but the trick is that all parts of you – body, mind, heart, spirit, energy, conscious, subconscious, unconscious, soul, and any other part of you that I haven’t recognized, has to be on board with the affirmation for transformation to happen.

How do you do that? You get your mind, heart, body, and spirit in alignment with your affirmation at the same time. If your mind’s on board, but your spirit doesn’t believe it can happen, it’s not happening. If your heart believes in the possibility of the manifestation, but the cells in your body have an opposing program running, you’ll stay stuck. There are many ways to get all parts of yourself in alignment so affirmations can work for you, and here are 5 specific ways that have worked for me.

    1. Connect with your heart first. Gregg Braden talks about tiny cells in the heart that act the same as our brain cells. Some people call it the little heart brain. Research has shown that when people place their hand over their heart space and slow their breathing, the stress response in their body goes down. When I have done this, I’ve felt the thoughts and energy of my mind soften, and sink down into my heart. The mind and heart align. There are a lot of free guided meditations on youTube that help you do this. Listen to one to see and feel the difference.
    2. Unite the body and spirit through movement and breath. You must do both. It can be any type of physical movement. My favorites are walking and yoga because they’re both very grounding. The importance of breathing is key here too. The German word for “breathe” is “atmen” which stems from the Sanskrit word “atman” which means “essence, breath, or soul”. Imagine when you breathe, you are inhaling and exhaling the essence of your soul. This will unite your soul and ground its presence in your body.
    3. Meditate. I’m sure you saw this one coming. It’s important though. Make it a practice. There’s no wrong way to do it. Sometimes I find just sitting and listening for a few minutes after a word of prayer is enough. Other times, I needed a guided meditation to focus my energy and let go of excess thoughts. Sometimes I do a mini heart connection meditation as described above. There are a ton of options. What meditation can really do for you is get you beyond your mind, beyond the ego, and into connection and communication with the Divine. This is powerful and puts you in a state of reception for affirmations.
    4. Recognize your own resistance. Once you’ve been practicing the first three suggestions, you’ll be able to be really honest with yourself on what it is that you want and what is getting in your way. And usually what is in your way is you. All the reasons, thoughts, feelings, and/or beliefs you carry that cause you to put up a wall and believe you’re not able to have what you really want. It’s this resistance that blocks the ability of an affirmation to become a reality for you. The first step to letting go of this resistance is recognizing it. So know that as you become more aware of this, the letting go will soon come.
    5. Energy healing. Of course, I would write this one. It’s what I do. But not just because of that. It’s what I’ve experienced for myself. Energy healing helps identify and clear the blocks or resistance you have certain affirmations which then clears and creates the space to receive the affirmation as a new reality. Energy healing also helped the other 4 ways I shared easily fall into place and become habits that have allowed me to really believe in affirmations that have led, guided, and healed my life in ways that I never thought possible. It helped me connect to and embody the divinity within, and I know it can do the same for anyone that is willing to give it a chance. 

Those are my 5 ways to allow affirmations to work for you. If you want to learn more about what you can experience in an energy healing session with me, please sign up for a free discovery call so we can chat! Bless.



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